Regional Disadvantaged Communities Incentive Program

Program Details

A new and important program is being developed in order to benefit our community. A
first of its kind anywhere in the State, the Regional Disadvantaged Communities Incentive
Program (RDCIP) was specifically created for the benefit of the Central Basin's
disadvantaged communities. This new program allocates water storage rights to those
communities that need it most and that otherwise may not have the resources to access it.

In 2013, a court issued a judgment granting more flexibility and localized management
of the Central Groundwater Basin. This new plan allows for the purchase, storage and use of
water when it makes the most economic sense and will divide over 330,000 acre-feet of
groundwater storage capacity in the Central Basin.

An important component of this judgment is the RDCIP that allocates 23,000 acre-feet
of storage from the Community Storage Pool for the use or benefit of disadvantaged
communities. While the judgment does provide guidance and a purpose for the program, it
leaves it to the region's stakeholders to decide how best to set up and implement the

Application Documents