Central Basin Watermaster is devoted to the management and protection of groundwater resources within the Central Basin.

Water Rights and Quality
Water Supply and Conservation
Basin Clean Up and Recharge

Central Basin Water Rights Panel

Administrative Body

(Water Replenishment District)

Storage Panel

The Storage Panel consists of the CBWR Panel and the Water Replenishment Disitrict Board of Directors reviews proposals for regional storage.

The Administrative Body consist of the Water Replenishment District which accepts pumping reports and summarizes records for review by the CBWR Panel. Visit https://www.wrd.org/administrative-body to view past Wastermaster Reports.

Central Basin Regional Disadvantaged Communities Incentive Program

A new and important program is being developed in order to benefit our community. A first of its kind anywhere in the State, the Regional Disadvantaged Communities Incentive Program (RDCIP) was specifically created for the benefit of the Central Basin's disadvantaged communities. This new program allocates water storage rights to those communities that need it most and that otherwise may not have the resources to access it.


RDCIP application available, click here for application instructions and documents.

The Panel is made up of seven Central Basin water rights holders from the cities of Downey, Lakewood, Long Beach, Signal Hill, Paramount, along with Golden State Water Co. and Montebello Land and Water Co.